About AHHH

Thank you for visiting our site and your interest to learn a bit about me. My name is Michele Durham, a Veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces. At one time I served our country, now serving humanity.  


At Access Holistic Healing we offer scientific, NASA developed, holistic healing devices to jump start the bodies natural ability to improve & balance immunity to viruses, bacteria & stress at the cellular level with PEMF (pulsed electro magnetic frequency) & LED Light therapy. Services offered include online (or in person) hypnosis using 5-PATH (Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis), QHHT Hypnosis (Past Life Regression) is offered in person only, 360 Wellness Coaching, Access Consciousness The Bars sessions & classes, Light & Sound therapy, and Reverend services, Conscious Dying-Death Doula available upon request. We even allow you to rent or buy equipment for use in the comfort of your home on your time schedule!


As a child I lived in England & France for 2 years and returned to America to finish grade school only to join the Army after high school and serve in Berlin, Germany during the cold war as a computer operator in a telecommunications center possessing a top secret security clearance with a special background investigation clearance - with that being said, you can be assured that your treatment is 100% confidential and with someone who genuinely cares.


I earned a MBA degree in computer information systems but knew that facilitating healing in others was my calling. We all have the ability within. Since 2010, due to my own health & wellness challenges/opportunities and of those closest to me, I have been expanding my skillset & toolbox of healing the mind, body and spirit by living holistically, practicing different forms of yoga, meditation, natural health, Access Bars®, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique and 5 Phased Advanced Transformational Hypnosis and Light & Sound Therapy which uses Science Based Technology developed by NASA.  All of which are related to Theta brainwave state & healing. In 2011, I lived in Shanghai, China & recently 3 years living in Cologne, Germany while traveling to 24 countries throughout the globe experiencing & learning different healing modalities.


Now, living in Naples, Florida; one of America’s most loved Blue Zone Project cities, I am available to you virtually anywhere or in person and have the privilege & pleasure of working with a tribe of healers globally who are some of the most beautiful souls on this planet.

In Service.

Love & Light