• Light and Sound Therapy
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    Access Holistic Healing & Hypnosis
    Learn about this headset and how it can give you the ability to maintain perspective, think clearly, learn quickly, fall into a deep sleep, restore health, recharge and access new energy, create motivation, and more.
  • Learn Self Hypnosis: Starts January 2, 2021- February 27, 2021
    9 Saturdays starting at 9am EST
    Online via Encrypted Zoom
    This class includes a workbook and 9 (1 hour) sessions to learn & practice the 7 Path way of self hypnosis to improve & grow your Mind-Body-Spirit.
  • Become a Certified Access Bars Practitioner
    Every first & third Sunday of the month
    Access Holistic Healing
    Learn Access Bars in this 8 hour class you will receive two sessions and gift two sessions. Receive a book and learn more in-depth about how the Bars work to increase & raise consciousness. Cost: $350. Text or call 239-776-2211 for more information.